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A friend of mine asked me today why he couldn't carry appendix OWB and all I could come up with was it might not hold tight enough to your body to not print. I never tried it so I really have no idea if it's doable or not. His thinking is that if his shirt is long enough to conceal behind the hip it's long enough to conceal in the front of his body.
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I used to carry a Sig 239 AIWB in a Mitch Rosen UPL which is an OWB holster. Straight drop high ride with a straight or flat bottom and it holds the pistol close to the body. The 239 is obviously a single stack and I'm not sure how a double stack would work. But I loved the holster and it worked well for me with the 239.
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I will say that I never tried it AOWB, but have been carrying AIWB for about 5 years now.

I think its do-able. Not sure if I would recommend it.
One concern is that when reaching in the front pocket, the shirt may lift enough and the holster will probably show.

For me, the biggest part that would print is the front where the belt and the clip meet, so anything below the depth of the clip will not print.
The belt and pants do help pull the gun into you, and break up the shape.
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TMK, it’s how many folks actually carried, on horseback... I know you can find that style of holster for SAA...

Not sure that it would conceal well, though...
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