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So I purchased the Classic lite shoulder system from Galco as I have some sores at my waistband that sometimes make IWB carry and even OWB carry a challenge due to pressure from my pants belt.

I added the Galco knife carrier behind the magazine pouch, and secured a Cold Steel OSS Sheath to that carrier with Chicago screws at a hilt down slightly forward position.

This puts the hilt right for easy access.

This whole system with the HK P7 psp, two magazines and the blade conceals fantastic under a leather vest or a loose short sleeve shirt.

The holster on this system isn't molded so it will fit my HK P7 psp, Sig P6, Smith 5904 with square trigger guard (bought new in 1991).

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+++ For the Classic Lite. And often available for less than 100 bucks!

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I have a few CL’s. Use them with my J frame & Glock 42. The G42 disappears quite nicely in the setup with a spare mag slung on the side.

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