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Howdy guys.

I'm active duty military stationed near Indianapolis. As I'm active military I maintain state residence in Ohio, to include an OH driver's license and OH plates on my vehicles.

My OH CCW has long lapsed and I'd like to get it back. However, I'm hesitant to burn time visiting family in NE Ohio to do the training and get my permit back.

Cincinnati or Dayton, on the other hand, are close enough that I could drive out on a weekend that I'm not on a four day pass or taking leave.

Can anybody recommend a solid course, preferably one with a good legal brief? I've googled but looking for more direct feedback.

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I have no experience with them, but you might want to check out TDI Ohio. They're a highly regarded school. I was curious, so I checked and it seems to be about a 3-4 hour drive from Indianapolis.

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We have a guy that offers them at our club, Clinton County Farmer's and Sportsmen's Association.

I also know a guy at my church that teaches them.

I've not taken either class since I had my CHL before I knew either of them. I suspect the guy at our club probably touches on the legal issues more.

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Olde English Outfitters. Vandalia OH. Northern suburb of Dayton. They have a course starting 3-25. $100. Go east on I-70 out of Indy and then north on I-75. Take the first exit west to Vandalia. They have a good website. They were my favorite LGS when I lived in Dayton.

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It may be possible for you to renew your Ohio license without retaking the training course. Your expired license may be acceptable for proof of competence.Check out the license renewal section on pages 9 and 10 in the concealed carry laws manual. The last paragraph deals with armed service members.

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Check out they have really nice range in Vandalia Ohio and New Castle Indiana. My nephew and his wife got their CCW there and were impressed. Also Old English has a bit of a "If you're not in our club you're not wanted" attitude. (My opinion).

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Call Firepower Arms in Mason Ohio. Ask for Chris. He used to run three gun out of the Clinton Sportsmen's Association mentioned earlier, and still teaches one-on-one classes through Firepower itself. Great guy and retired cop. He's only one of two people I would send anyone to. I know him personally have taken rifle class from in the past.

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I am near Lima Ohio and we have a couple guys who are NRA certified and do a very good job.
They are reasonable and the shooting is done at a local gun club.
If interested email or IM me.

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