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I think this would be preferable because you can decontaminate with antiviral spray.

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Since you're apparently planning on allowing large numbers of infected strangers to breathe all over and rub their grubby paws all over your holster, you will want something with extra levels of retention, just in case one of the horde decides to fondle your gun too.

Wait... according to your thread about disinfecting your pistol in the Pistols section, it appears they will all be fondling your pistol too. So you'll definitely want as much retention as possible.

In that case, Safariland makes excellent Level 3 retention holsters, but you'll need to invest in a 2.25" duty belt too, and concealing both of those will be a real bitch. Plus you'll want to practice several thousand draw strokes before venturing out into the viral wasteland, so you can smoothly and rapidly release all the various retention levels during your draw.

Good luck!

Also, while you're disinfecting your gun and holster, don't forget to douse your shoes, belt, clothing, glasses, hat, wallet, watch, keys, pocketknife, cash, SIGforum challenge coin, socks, underwear, hair, car, doorknobs, dog, and mail with antiviral spray too. Oh, and wash your hands before you touch anything. Or after you touch anything. And also while you're touching anything. Plus, it's best if you refrain from breathing as much as possible for the next 6-8 months.
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You can see what I EDC everyday in the "post a picture of your actual carry gun" thread. All that stuff is covered up by my shirt. It's actually more and better coverage than I get when I'm working EMS with one of the gowns on, just not fluid resistant.

The items I use and touch while I'm out and about(mini mag and my fire pager) get wiped off when I get home at night.

I'd be a lot more concerned about washing your hands than switching to a Kydex holster so you can decon it.

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Are you alright? Honestly- there's no need to keep posting the same thing. You sound as if you may need help, or maybe just a break.

Please consider it.

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