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Originally posted by lyman:
Originally posted by Rinehart:
You guys have mentioned a number of classic sci fi series. There's a lot of great books out there with a core of brilliant writers like Heinlein, Bradbury, Asimov, and others. I originally read a lot of these books back when I was younger, Navy days and while traveling and sailing.
Some books have stuck with me more than others over the years.

I liked the Grimes series because Chandler had some life messages in the Grimes stories.
He was a real-life ship captain and was a pretty interesting chap.

Here's a few more that I still enjoy to re-read after years-

Harry Harrison- (in particular the Stainless Steel Rat- would make a great film run if done properly), also the "Deathworld" trilogy.

Joe Haldeman- "The Forever War" and his other books.

Piers Anthony- "Blue Adept" series...

Frederik Pohl- "Gateway" series-

Tad Williams- "Otherland" series. (And we are almost there in tech).

William Gibson and Neal Stephenson also touch on a lot of future highly probable tech (like social media future evolution), virtual reality developments...

I could go on...

That is one thing about tech I can appreciate... I can take decades of books and put them on an iPad or ebook reader and have them wherever I go.

There are lots of good books out there-

to add,

Varley's Wizard Demon and cannot remember the 3rd book title, all pretty good

Niven's Ringworld books would make a good movie if done right as well

Titan, Wizard, Demon in that order. All great. His Red Thunder and the others in that series are also great.

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Originally posted by Rinehart:
Harry Harrison- (in particular the Stainless Steel Rat- would make a great film run if done properly)

I read some of those quite a few years ago - interesting series - who would you nominate to play the part?
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Originally posted by 10X-Shooter:
I haven't read them since I was 20 or so but Piers Anthony series on the incarnations of immortality beginning with "On A Pale Horse" were among my favorites. The first book about a human who finds himself in the job of Thanatos-The Grim Reaper. Pick that book up and you'll want to read the rest.

When I was in high school my friend (now my husband) gave 'On a Pale Horse' to me as I was leaving his house, saying, "Here, I think you'll like this." I accepted it to humor him, sure that I would not like it since I was not into science fiction at all. I gave it back to him the next day... after I stayed up all night finishing it.

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