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Night Tides bills itself as "[A]n eclectic blend of contemplative instrumental & electronic music that combines upbeat grooves and dubs with soothing melodies that whisper softly to the soul."

A musician friend of mine turned me on to this program a few years ago. It airs live every Sunday night from 8:00pm - midnight, Central (US) time.

That's sometimes too late for me, or I'm traveling, or otherwise engaged, but the nice thing is that the program is available online all week at

For me, it's "contemplative." I enjoy listening when I'm at my computer, or simply want to wash the sins of the world away for a spell. It's not for everyone, admittedly, but the program, which airs out of the University of Kansas as part of the npr network, has been doing so since 1994. With the same host(ess), Renée Blanche!

I'm listening as I type.

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I clicked on the link you included and have been listening for about a half hour now. It's quite calming and relaxing.

Listening while at the computer will probably be my primary use but I think I'll try listening to this before going to bed as well.

At night, I've recently begun listening to the Sleep programming on and listening to this program beforehand should complement that and hopefully make it even more effective.

Thanks for posting.
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Interesting that station is here in Kansas, I used to listen to ‘Nightcrossings’ on KHCC out of Hutchinson Community College. It is still on air,Monday through Friday, though I haven’t tuned in for some time.

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ok... amazon prime. will check it out.
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