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Netflix is commemorating the 51st anniversary of the verdict in the real trial with a free viewing on their Youtube channel. The 2020 Aaron Sorkin-directed film is a dramatized telling of the true story of how seven men associated with protesting the 1968 Democratic National Convention were put on trial after the peaceful protests escalated into full-blown violence.
Today and tomorrow only. If you're interested...

Youtube linky

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The Chicago Seven made my stomach turn back then and still to this day.FUCK THEM!
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Originally posted by recoatlift:
Yeah, I can’t come up with a reason to have any interest in watching.
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I watched and it does have left wing lean. I though it was interesting and a better use of 1.5 hours than most crap on TV these days. There was a lot of shit going on in that time period and it's hard to figure out who the good guys and bad guys are. I though it more depicted the corruption in Chicago, which was rampant in that ear. I lived there during these times and what we know now is completely different than the media reported. Hmm that sound familiar.

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