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I watched the first couple of episodes. I think it has some merit.

Pierce Brosnan plays a real hard ass trying to get started in the early oil fields. Plays a cattle baron turned oilman who was captured by the Commanche when he was a teen.

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Its really slow moving, and I was disappointed with Pierce Brosnan replacing Sam Neil. So far Brosnan isn't convincing me of his character. The flashbacks from Eli's childhood with the Comanche are the best part of the show.

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It does unwind a bit slow but after watching the first three episodes I really like it.
Seems to be well made and written.
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I like it a lot. The first episode was a bit slow, but each episode is better.
It is well written and well acted. I think Pierce Brosnan is doing a fine job. The relationship between the character's youth experiences and what he has become is fascinating. (What about the intense scene in the beginning of episode 3 - scalping the banker)?
The evolution from the times of the early settlers, when the Comanche ruled the plains, into the 20th century oil fields, all within one lifetime, fascinates me.

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Sounds as if it may have been inspired in part by There Will Be Blood.


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They filmed some of the show at the Driskill here in Austin. It's adjacent to my office. Pretty cool.


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I binge watched today and got caught up. I like it so far.

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It's not bad. I'll stick with it for awhile. It's another one of those shows that must be watched from the DVR. One hour show = 35-40 minutes of show and the rest is one commercial after another.

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So far it has me intrigued. I believe they have done a good job bouncing from the earlier storyline to the 1915 storyline, kind of like they are feeding us the necessary information for whatever is about to come up, although right now I favor watching the earlier story.

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