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Saw it. Liked it. Two people in the theater besides my self. Pity
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Looked like an interesting movie, but nothing to do with King Arthur, which is why I have no interest in seeing it.

Looked like it should've been named "Wrath of the Round Table" after the titans movies.
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I liked it. A different take on the stories. Plenty of action.
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It definitely felt like a Guy Ritchie movie, but there were anachronisms to the action. It felt kind of like I was watching A Knight's Tale at certain points in the movie. But the witty, quickly spoken banter and cocksure swagger displayed by characters reminded me very much of previous Guy Ritchie films.

There were things I didn't like about the movie just because I'm not totally familiar beyond children's stories about King Arthur. The mage who was helping him was totally unknown to me. I kept waiting for either Merlin or Morgan le Fay to show up. The magical skyscraper was too reminiscent of Saruman's tower, Orthanc.

Overall, it was a nice movie. But it's definitely not an epic like previous Arthur movies seem to aspire to. It's makes for a good rental.

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