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I found the movie "Black '47" on Amazon. It is about Ireland in 1847, rather it is about one man getting revenge against a failed system that ended up with many thousands dying or being killed.

The cinematography especially the pulled back shots where you could see all of the houses was fantastic and really sent a message.

This movie has an okay dialogue, plenty of action, and I found it entertaining.


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The Brits did their best to let the Irish starve to death during the Famine, when the Brits could have easily fed the hungry Irish from thesurplus stored. The brits caused the great migration of the irish to America, Canada, and Australia.
My Grandfather, who left Ireland after the '14 (probably one step ahead of the RIC), always said that the reason the sun nevr set in the British Empire is because you couldn't trust a feckin' Englishman in the dark!
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Took 2 attempts to watch. The first 20-30 minutes I found dull but once I got past it, I enjoyed it. A different take on a historical period piece and I found it worth the time to actually watch.

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