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Y'all ever try this?

There is a place in St. Pete called Axe & Ale. Two lanes of axe throwing fun. I took my son there this afternoon as a lark, didn't know anything about the activity. We got a good safety briefing and a few minutes of lessons, both two and one handed throwing.

I guess, it is like anything; a little bit of competition and sharp objects flying 12 feet it great fun.

My son beat me the first two rounds, but I took the third after I got my stride.

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So, do you have the ale before or after tossing the ax?


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Tried it in Columbia, SC. Tons of fun with the entire family.

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We have a similar place in ABQ. I need to try it.


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That sounds awesome. I'd love to try something like that. Sadly my backyard is probably the closest I'd get.
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These places are popping up everywhere. Looks like a hoot. My better half and I need a date night.....


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Tried Urban Axes in Durham a few weeks ago.

Great fun.

RE: the question of ale before throwing or after.....let me suggest upgrading conjunctions from 'or' to 'and' and adding 'during' in there somewhere, too! Big Grin

They have attendants and if someone is tipsy they won't get into the throwing area.
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The local axe place around here, built one for the Boy Scout Camp. Us adults would be out frisbee golfing and stop at the axe throwing area each round. My axe throwing was horrible. My frisbee golf was in target.
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Never been to an axe throwing establishment but I've been drinking beer and throwing axes in the back yard for years.

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