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Enjoyable entertainment.
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I still enjoy watching it occasionally. More so than any remake or reboot I have seen. It's a great epic adventure story.

I can imagine how audiences reacted to Kong's first appearance on screen in 1933.

People today may find the jerky stop-motion special effects outdated but to me they are a visual treat, crafted by artist's. I am not a fan of most of the CGI effects I see in modern movies. It's too... shimmery and unfocused.

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I agree, not only was it a great adventure story but the effects were amazing for the time. A giant gorilla fighting airplanes on top of the Empire State Building? I bet it blew the audiences minds.

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This was the last movie that my wife and I attended before COVID fears caused Governor/Queen Andy Beshear to shut everything down at 8:00 PM March 15 2020.

It was a TCM/Fathom Event. I have been enthralled by this film since I first saw it as a child when I had to stay up late at night to watch as it was shown on a local TV station. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing it for the first time ever on the big screen. I also have imagined what audiences thought of the amazing special effects of that time period. I had read many years ago that there were scenes that were cut out of the film as they were deemed too horrifying for 1933 audiences. One scene (sailors falling off a log bridge into a deep ravine trying to escape Kong and being attacked by huge spiders) was recreated in the 2005 Jack Black sequel.
If King Kong were to be the last movie I ever saw on a movie theater big screen, I would be fine with that outcome!
Just as a side note, there was a thread just a couple days ago about the amazing life of King Kong's producer Merian C. Cooper. The link to an American Thinker article is well worth the click and the time to read it.
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People were more receptive to special effects in movies' early days. Did you know that Snow White was so scary when it premiered that a lot of movie theaters had to replace their seats?

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I had the fortune to see it on the big screen,

not in 1933, that was 5 yrs before my Dad was born,,,

when I was in grade school, the theater in the then local mall played Matinee's, and the original played one weekend,

neat movie, I enjoyed it then, and still do
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A giant ape swatting biplanes from the top of the Empire State Building, as iconic as Hollywood imagery gets.

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