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If you don't know what this is, the learning curve will likely be much too steep.

If you do know what this is, then you know of the backstory of members here and mucho shenanigans.

Well, I had put up a server, and a variety of factors mean it will be expiring. Not the least being PUBG soaking up all of the kind of juice that the DayZ mod used to get.

If you're interested in "old school" DayZ, now would be the time to perhaps chip in.


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A real tragerdy this is, because it's a pretty good server without a lot of bullshit, like assholes buying F22s and then dropping clusterbombs on everything.

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Arc- you know I loves some dayz. Shoot me a message and let me know what you need. I’ll try and help if I can.

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Shoot me a pm. I will have more time soon.

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