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I'm sure this Thread has been started many times before, but because I had little else to do this afternoon, I thought to give it another shot. I turned my attention to a Spanish Language Film today, with no Subtitles and absolutely no connection between the Storyline, the Script, or the language being spoken.
It's a Western of sorts, and its called "The Killer"......I doubt its been on the Netflix menu for very long. You owe it to yourself to invite all your best Friends over for Supper and a Movie. This is the Worst movie I've ever seen. Check it out.......Zebulon
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There are many really bad movies out there but one of my favorite stinkers in the western genre is:
China 9, Liberty 37.
Sam Peckinpah is in it.... As an actor!
And.... Fabio!
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What about Trailer Park Shark on SyFy?

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I’ll just leave this here....

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Don't forget "Plan 9 From Outer Space". Wink The movie made by Ed Wood in the fifties was so cheesy that in a scene on an airplane the cockpit was separated from the passengers cabin by a shower curtain.
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On Netflix, I'd put 'The Lobster' on the list. Good Lord I want that time back.

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Gunhead...Jack Frost 2 (the horror movie, not the family one)...teenage cat girls in heat (troma movie, if that means anything to you). They all sucked really, really bad. That is saying something coming from a guy who owns Robot Jox.

However, the only movie to make me legitimately angry that I could not get the time back I spent on it was Mulholland drive. I should have known better than to watch another David Lynch movie. I don’t enjoy his style in the least. There was exactly one scene in the movie that I found the least bit interesting, and no it wasn’t Naomi Watts’ sex scene. Every single other thing about it made me emotionally angry that I had spent time letting the damn movie assault my eyeballs. It is, quite possibly, my least favorite movie I’ve ever seen.

- Bret
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Sorry the first Billy Jack movie... not the one most folks think of... but "Born Losers" has at least got to be in the top 10...

then there was that one about the Alien attack on New York City that was all filmed through a hand held camera by a guy at a party,,.. man that one stunk ... so bad I have blocked the title from my mind.
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there are some pretty decent movies being thrown around in here right now.

my entry is M Night Shyamalamadingdong's "The Happening." Absolutely the worst movie he ever did which is saying a lot.

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