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One of my interests for quite a few years has been the Spanish-American War and the Philippines Insurrection, along with one of it's players: Frederick Funston.

I was generally familiar with has career, which is fascinating, but I only recently read (on Kindle) his book, "Memories of Two Wars: Cuban and Philippine Experiences". The book is an expansion of some articles he wrote for Scribner's Magazine. There's typical language of the period, and some editing errors, but Holy Shit! What a great book!

Hotchkiss and Krupp cannons! Trapdoors, Krags, and Mausers! Hangings and lopping-off of heads! Colt potato-diggers; and probably the first combat kill with a Colt autoloading pistol. Funston's sense of humor is evident, and his criticism of the domestic press rings true today. His capture of Aguinaldo sounds like something Delta or Seal Team 6 would do today.

If you like obscure U.S. military history or just adventure, I can't recommend this book highly enough. It's easy to see how he got the nickname "Fighting Freddy".
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I second the sentiments expressed above. Funston was a fascinating character and an unlikely military hero. If in the vicinity of Iola, KS, see the museum there dedicated to his life and career.

It is too bad he is now considered obscure. In his time, he was a popular and controversial public figure because he advocated American military intervention around the world.

He would have led the AEF into WWI had he not died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

And, yes, his description of the use of small arms in the wars he fought remains informative. He also has a special relationship with the City of San Francisco. See the history of 1906 earthquake and ensuing fire.

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Ah, I only knew of Fort Funston in San Francisco. Thanks for the tip.

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