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Netflix has been killing it with their German shows lately. First, it was Generation War, kind of a "Band of Brothers" from the German perspective. Next was Babylon Berlin, a 1920s historically-grounded cop show which I think is one of the best shows on Netflix. Now, I recently started Dark and am really impressed.

Understand that Dark takes a minute to hook you. You'll spend the first few episodes trying to figure out just what exactly is going on, and who is who, but once the pieces start to click and the hook is set, hang on... You're in for a wild ride. I don't want to spoil anything, so I won't go into details on the plot, other than to say it's a little like a more serious Stranger Things, with more focus on adults and older teens, and more mature content.

This is not a casual "background noise" show. You have to pay attention, not only because of the subtitles, but also because of the plot twists and turns, hints, and foreshadowing. This is a "weekend afternoon with my full attention" kind of show, not a "catch an episode at bedtime while nodding off" show.

But it's well worth it.

Season 3 just dropped yesterday, so there are three full seasons to binge, if you're so inclined.
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Netflix seriously has a lot of foreign content. I hate wading through it because some of it is awful. Thanks for these though.
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