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Mitchum was just really cool.

I don't know I've ever watched one of his films and thought "man he was a great actor" , just "man he was too cool".

I was probably still in high school or just out, still working for the family business. I remember being with my dad one morning and being dead tired. Dad said 'What's wrong, get to bed late?' I said yes, I'd stayed up much too late watching a movie. He asked what movie, I guess expecting some stupid answer. I said "Heaven knows Mr. Allison." He just laughed a little and nodded his head in approval, it was okay with dad that I was tired for that. Smile

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Originally posted by Chris Orndorff:
No love for "Scrooged"? Big Grin

Depends. Have you any idea how many cats there are in this country?

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This thread motivated me to watch a Robert Mitchum movie tonight. Luck of the draw was a Phillip Marlowe saga "Farewell My Lovely." Enjoyed it as well as eyeing Charlotte Rampling in her prime. Big Grin

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Robert Mitchum was one of those actors who always seemed to re-invent himself. I liked him in offbeat stories like Mister Moses, and The Sundowners. No stranger to the Hollywood Western either. Films like Five Card Stud, and El Dorado come immediately to mind.


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For me it is the final scene in The Longest Day.... when he pulls out his last cigar... gets in the jeep and he the young kid driving head on up the hill.

that and the scene in the movie when they are all pinned down and he tells his men "“There are two kinds of men on this beach: the dead, and those about to die. So let’s get the hell out of here!”
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I rented His Kind of Girl and Out of the Past on Amazon Prime.
The first was quirky with Vincent Price chewing the scenery.
The second was pretty much perfect. Imagine a movie where Rhonda Fleming has pretty much a walk-on role. The Kathie Moffatt character is as Jeff describes her—as close to pure evil as you’re ever likely to see.
If you haven’t watched it, you owe it to yourself to see it.
The time and the places in the movie are the California I knew growing up—before the hippies arrived.

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The Constable
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I like him in many of his movies but a few stand out; Cape Fear, El Dorado and Heaven Knows Mr. Allison.
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Out of the Past is on TCM tonight at 8:00 EDT.
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And one of my favorite Mitchum westerns is on Prime: Blood On The Moon.

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