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I can't say that I'm really surprised as the show really has sort of run out of steam to me and is not really that funny or good anymore. It happened a few years ago when they decided to have everyone "settle down" into more normal married or committed relationships instead of hanging out as one group.

Johnny Galecki Hints That ‘The Big Bang Theory’ May Be Ending After Season 12

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My wife and I enjoyed it early on, but lately we've been ignoring it.

In fact, just last week I realized we were still DVR'ng it, and decided to delete all the episodes. Tried watching one and it was painful. Not funny and laugh tracks everywhere.

Most sitcoms go downhill once they start having marriages or such between main cast members.

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It seems like most shows go down hill pretty fast when the main characters start making a bunch of $$$ and they have to cut the good writers.

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It's about time. It's always just seemed stupid to me.

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Yes its time for this one to end, it lost it a couple years ago

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I still enjoy it, but nearly as much as I used to

Over the Christmas holiday I caught an old rerun while sitting and waiting for a football game to start

That really, really punctuated how different and how much funnier it used to be

It’s the moonlighting problem (as in the old show with Cybil Sheppard and Bruce Willis)

People get tired of watching boy chase girl, but when boy finally gets girl there is nothing left to watch

Well, in TBBT 3/4 boys have gotten the girl, and Raj isn’t enough to create the same tension

Honestly, they should have married Raj off and kept Howard single..


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I've seen every episode and I'm a big fan of the show. new season is just as funny as ever. Sure it's different but it has to be, it's been on a long time ago.

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Should've ended a few seasons ago, it was a good run.

As been said, as the story lines focused more about boy chasing girl, girl frustrated with boy, it lost it's charm and intent. All things considered, writing comedy scripts for a mainstream studio, about four socially awkward but scientifically brilliant guys and one hot female neighbor, was a brilliant concept and they did it well for the first handful of years.
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I think it's difficult to switch a show from Friends/Moonlighting to I Love Lucy type format. I'm thinking you're going to have to switch audiences anyway so might as well start from scratch.

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I'm so tired of way over used never ending sitcom laugh tracks big whoop being one of them.

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I've recently been enjoying episodes of Young Sheldon, the spin-off.


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Originally posted by redwood25:
It's about time. It's always just seemed stupid to me.

Roger that. One of the reasons my girlfriend has her TV and I have mine. I hate to walk in the room when she's watching it.

And no, junior not being able to hold still for 5 seconds is not a disability.

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That show has long had an incredibly annoying laugh track. They play it after every single line of dialogue.

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I think the show has run its course
I enjoy watching the earlier episodes but the newer ones are just not that funny.

Even my mom thought it should have ended a few years ago and she is a big fan.

I didn't think I would enjoy Young Sheldon but I look forward to it coming on every week.
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Never watched it. Never had the desire.
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My ex-GF got me to watching it. I liked it but I concur that it's about time for it to end. Sheldon just keeps getting more and more annoying, and the marriages took something away from it to, especially when they had the kid. As for the spinoff, I've always hated story lines about precocious kids (are you listening, Wesley Crusher?) and I can't for the life of me imagine watching Sheldon as a kid.
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It should have been cancelled years ago.
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I hate this show. I hate the laugh track. I HATE that guy's whiny voice.

My wife and kids love it. I can't stand to be in the room with it on.

The "Young Sheldon" show is leaps and bounds better, but for that whiny voice.

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5 or 6 years is about the max run for any show. After that 6th year everything gets long in the tooth and rehashed.
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