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Oriental Redneck
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Been almost 20 years since I went to one, watching The Lord Of The Rings. Don't miss it one bit.
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Political Cynic
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Went to see Yesterday when it came out. I think that way my first theater trip since I went to see Titanic.

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About 20 years for me too. And I don’t have TV, either.

Look about you.
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"Hillary's America". In 2016, I guess.

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This week. I love taking advantage of cheap Tuesdays. I saw The Rhythm Section, which was very mediocre, but a $5.50 ticket price sure helps reduce the sting. I go to the theater about 3 times a month.
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We go a few times a month. Ford v Ferrari on the big screen was incredible.

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Fighting the good fight
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A few weeks ago to see 1917. Before that, it was in 2017 to see Dunkirk. Before that, I think it was Fury in 2014.

So every 3 years or so.

But I will say that this last time around, the change to reserved seating and leather reclining seats was a nice surprise. I might start going a little more often now.
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Go Vols!
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Christmas Day
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Last Saturday to see The Last Full Measure..
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Honor and Integrity
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The James Bond movie Spectre in 2015
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Ricard Jewell in January

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It's been in that 20 year range for me also. I have a hard time hearing any of the dialog over the background noise in the movie, so seeing movies in a theater is not enjoyable anymore.


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Yesterday. Saw 1917. When you are retired, you pretty much have the theater to yourself in the early afternoon.
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I really can't remember, its been 3-4 years and since I can't remember what movie it was, it must have been one heck of a good one Roll Eyes

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My dad wanted to go see Open Range, so I went with him. Apparently that was August 2003.

If I sat down and thought about it, I could probably name every movie I've seen in a theatre.

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The Constable
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I average one visit every three years. Usually at our annual summer, Family reunion. Otherwise almost never.
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A man's got to know
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At least ten years ago. No point in going to me, I enjoy movies more at home.

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Just went to see 1917 this past Sunday afternoon at my nearby Regal Theater. LOVE going to late morning/early afternoon matinees and since it was Stupid Bowl Sunday, I figured there wouldn't be too many people at the movies. I was and 6 other people.

I will probably go see "The Last Full Measure" next week sometime during the day. And I'll probably see "The Rise of Skywalker" again before it leaves the theater.

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Just last week we saw the new Star Wars movie. The one before that was in December when we saw The Last Christmas.
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Truckin' On
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Christmas 2014 for the third Hobbit film.

I'm tempted to go back to see the new Top Gun and Black Widow films on the big screen when they come out.

There is much to dislike about going to the theaters.

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