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Originally posted by selogic:
TJ Hooker was pretty cheesy .

Had early Heather Locklear, though. Razz

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Originally posted by ElToro:
No love for Sledge Hammer! ? That show was great ( and terrible) because it was a complete farce spoof of all the other ‘serious’ cop dramas. It was just good comedy, not too heavy. Fun fact the female lead in that show Detective Dori was married to Michael Crighton for partsof 3 decades.

Here ya go:

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Even its name is dumb: Bert D'Angelo/Superstar.
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Originally posted by parabellum:
Miami Vice? Blasphemy out of the mouths of children.

You had to be there, and if you tell me you were, you must have been asleep. Miami Vice wasn't a TV show- it was a movement.
Originally posted by oddball:
Sheriff Lobo.
Yes, truly horrible TV, a spin-off of BJ and the Bear, a show almost as stupid as Sheriff Lobo

Plus Lieutenant Castillo was a Samurai Wink

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I am with OP. I like Chuck Norris, but sometimes the show is unwatchable. There is nothing he cannot do on the show. He can ride a bull that no other pro bull rider can ride as well as take on a whole drug cartel single handed.

My wife likes the show, but sometimes I have to leave the room. Not sure what age group it was made for?

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Had to be CHIPS. Watched in during the rerun cycle not long ago and thought "wow, this show really sucked". guess the bikes tended to deflect some of the stupidity. These guys always broke yet every episode they were flying, parasailing, scuba diving or some othger big money activity.

The recent remake was no better but at least they didn't take themselves too seriously in it.

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Does "Diagnosis Murder" count? My goodness that show is horrendous.

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Originally posted by recoatlift:
I liked how Broderick Crawford would use a telephone pole or stack of pallets for cover during his shootouts. Always with a ricochet sound.

Link to original video:

[FLASH_VIDEO<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>] [/FLASH_VIDEO]

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