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Hollywood may get lucky and put together a movie that ticks all the boxes and turns out to be a great movie deserving of acclaim but it isn't very likely.

Consider the commercial failure of the movies hollywood tried to "force" as soon as a "woke" agenda is foisted on the audience it is rejected and the film flops.

As to the awards, well, I can't say I've ever really paid much attention to the oscars. I'm sure some of the movies I enjoy are the nutritional equivalent of cotton candy and don't provide much "depth" or "art" but I paid my money and enjoyed myself.

Yes, Para does appreciate humor.
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Thank you
Very little
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From now on, we'll be known as X-Force!

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Festina Lente
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force = rape.

I won't be forced against my will. And sure won't spend my $ to be wokertained.

#metoo. You'd think Hollywood would listen and learn.

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The guy behind the guy
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I don't think this is bad at all. Seriously. It's complete and utter shit, but that doesn't make it bad.

While this will sound like a joke, I'm being serious, this will be a great wind sock for us who aren't into this. I'm sure there will be discussion that this or that movie does or doesn't qualify for an Oscar. If it qualifies, I know right now I won't like it and can avoid it. Thanks for the tip Oscars.

Second, there is sure to be an outstanding movie that doesn't qualify. This will not make people change how they make films. Films are made for the gross at the box office, not for awards. What this will serve to do is cheapen the Oscars. Everyone will know the Oscars aren't really the best films (they haven't been for a while, but now it will be patently obvious.). This leaves an opening for a new award to take that place and it obviously won't have these woke requirements. Making the Oscars irrelevant is a good thing imo. Also, actor X will give a dynamite performance, everyone will know he or she deserves the award. Actor X will smile and say thanks, but I agree with the Academy and happy that Actor Y won...yeah fucking right Bub. This will cause their own people to seethe behind close doors. Again, this is good.

Lastly, when this kills the Oscars, it will be a great and glaring instance of get woke go broke. Maybe one of the biggest. The pendulum has clearly swung too far with a move like this. Now it can start to swing back. That's good imo. If they wanna hang themselves, I'll happily pass them more rope.
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Page late and a dollar short
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Time to make your Bluray collection as deep as you can of anything worth watching, before they are no longer available.

Just bought a copy of "Airplane"! It was never a favorite but it too will probably be banned someday or edited.

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