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Frangas non Flectes
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Ah, thanks for that. My wife had a little bottle of tea tree oil in the laundry room, I added a dropper full of it to my Thayer’s lemon witch hazel. I don’t have the lavender or peppermint, but it seems the tea tree oil is the stuff that helps with preventing burns and bumps, so that oughta be good enough.

I’ve neglected to mention I’ve been using Ranger Grooming company beard oil as a pre-shave for when I use a straight. Definitely seems to help. I have it on hand as a gift from a few years back and no beard, so I figured I’d use it up. I’ve read that you can use just straight olive oil and get similar results, so since this bottle is running out, I guess I’ll look into making my own pre-shave oil before too long. Sounds fru-fru to the uninitiated, but it makes a difference once you try it.

My sister took up pottery last year and has supposedly been working on a custom scuttle for me, but it’s been six months now and I haven’t heard anything about it, so I’m thinking I may just pick up a factory second from Georgetown Pottery soon. Also trying to decide on a brush upgrade. Pretty sure I want either badger or a good synthetic.
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Not really a hobbiest. But I use grape seed oil as a pre-shave oil. I buy it at the grocery store and fill a little pump spray bottle. I think it helps reduce nicks.

Grape seed oil is the primary ingredient in the pre-shave oils I used in the past. I just can’t see paying $7 or &8 for some tiny bottle.

After that I use Dollar Shave Club razors and shaving cream.
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Frangas non Flectes
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I’m perusing DIY pre shave mixes on censortube. Seems like grape seed oil, and olive oil are a good base, add castor oil and whatever other essential oils you think you want is where you go from there.

Today’s <10 minute quick shave:
Cremo Cooling formula with cold water.
1955 Gillette SuperSpeed red tip (heavy) loaded with a Feather blade (4th use).
Alum block.
Thayer’s Lemon with tea tree oil added.
Clubman styptic pencil because I got myself a few times.

Had to be somewhere and didn’t have a lot of time, decided to go for it and see how decent a shave I could get in a short time frame. Hey, lotsa people do it, might as well try it with the updated method, right? Skipped the pre-shave and lather, went for the brushless cream and started at it. Only three minor nicks with an aggressive razor and aggressive blade in my goatee area that hasn’t hardly seen a razor in close to a decade. First actual time shaving under my nose with that SuperSpeed head, an adventure! Two passes, didn’t go for BBS, but pleased with the results.

My wife told me she isn’t wild about the Florida Water smell when it’s fresh on me, so I resorted to just using the Thayer’s with tea tree. It definitely cuts down on irritation, so even if you’re reading this and don’t care about wet shaving or vintage razors but get razor burn, this is worth a try.
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Traveling to California to see my mother so I checked my bag. Shaved today with Jagger DE89, Astra blade and TOB Sandalwood. Can’t remember the name of the brush.
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Recondite Raider
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My shave yesterday was goop in a can (Gillette Edge for sensitive skin) and a Merkur Futur DE safety razor with a Feather blade.

More blessed than I deserve.
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