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I feel like this should be a sticky in here.

What is an album you own where every song is excellent?

I can think of a few, but currently at the top of my mind is:

Pretty Hate Machine - Nine Inch Nails


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Here’s my list, arc


Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs
Future Games—Fleetwood Mac
American Beauty—The Dead
Sticky Fingers
Kiko—Los Lobos
Hotel California
Highway 61 Revisited
The Way I Am—Haggard
Excitable Boy—Warren Zevon

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quarter MOA visionary
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I dunno I think if you really like the artist then the concept of a bad song on good album is sort of contradictory.
Otherwise just buy a greatest hits version.
The exception are the one-hit-wonders.

That being said I tend to listen in batches of several LP's of artists - that way you can enjoy history of the artist and how they evolve.
Also why I love box sets and "In Concert" versions.

Some that I can listen to entirely over and over.
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronounced
Doors - In Concert
Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus
Rare Earth - Rare Earth in Concert

Plus a few more.
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No particular order:
Honkey Tonk Heros Waylon
Dreamin' My Dreams Waylon
Layla Derek & the Dominoes
Abbey Road Beatles
Fathers & Sons Muddy Waters
LA Woman Doors
Exile on Main St Stones
Sticky Fingers Stones
Big Hits (High Tide & Green Grass) Stones
Blood on the Tracks Dylan
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Back in Black- AC/DC
Devil Without a Cause- Kid Rock

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rush, Moving Pictures. Every song is solid in its own way. Seems like a decade ago, they played the whole album in concert.

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Pearl Jam- Ten
Nine Inch Nails- With Teeth
Deftones- White Pony
Guns and Roses- Appetite for Destruction
Candlebox- Candlebox
Tool- Aenima
Primus- Suck on This
Blind Melon- Blind Melon
John "Cougar" Melencamp- Scarecrow
Red Hot Chili Peppers- the Uplift Mofo Party Plan
Rage Against the Machine- Rage Against the Machine
Led Zeppelin- II
Fiona Apple- When the Pawn...
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The Unknown
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The Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker

Listening to this even today, it's unreal to me that it came out in 1990. Their sound just has a timeless quality, and songs that would be perfectly at home on lots of indie, or southern rock stations today as new releases.

ETA: Arc, for a more modern pick, I'd say Jason Isbell - Southeastern.

Probably the most lyrically and musically complete album I've ever listened to. I never skip a song. If you can't find a song on that one that you identify with, or stirs your soul; I don't know you, and I don't want to.
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I agree that Halo Eight is tops for NIN. Been known to jam out with Marilyn Manson's Coma White CD in the truck all day long. Overall, I'd vote for just about any album by Five Finger Death Punch. Yes, I do mean album, and yes, I do play them on a turntable.

These aren't exactly mainstream, but everything on the radio here was either recorded before I was born, or about some dude who lost his (wife, truck, dog, etc...).

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The way that music is made and sold now, we might not be aware of any whole albums of new music that are solid. It might not really happen anymore.

Not too many soundtracks qualify, but I'd put in:

The Harder They Come - was the first vinyl I ever owned and still a favorite

Romeo and Juliet - The Baz Luhrmann one. Solid soundtrack. I also love that movie.


"Like a bitter weed, I'm a bad seed"- Johnny Cash

"I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel." - Pee Wee Herman

Rode hard, put away wet. RIP JHM

"You're a junkyard dog." - Lupe Flores. RIP

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The Who - Face Paintings
Billy Joel - Glass Houses
Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime
ELP - Pictures at an Exhibition
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind

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Iron Maiden

Number of the beast and Powerslave

More than a few, less than others!

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...and I'm assuming no greatest hits albums Wink

Trying not to repeat others-

Big Star- Radio City
Bob Dylan- Highway 61 Revisited
David Bowie- Ziggy Stardust
Miles Davis- Kind of Blue
The Replacements- Let It Be
Cheap Trick- Cheap Trick (1st album)
Elvis Costello & the Attractions- This Year's Model
Pixies- Doolittle
Steely Dan- Aja
X- Los Angeles

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Queen - Night at the Opera
Eagles - Hotel California
Supertramp - Breakfast in America
Kinks - Misfits

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Black Sabbath - Paranoid

First In Last Out
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The Smithereens - 11

...and of course...


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Moody Blues - On The Threshold of a Dream

The Who - Tommy

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Chip away the stone
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Originally posted by dlc444:
rush, Moving Pictures. Every song is solid in its own way. Seems like a decade ago, they played the whole album in concert.


Also, Hemispheres qualifies, IMO. They describe it as the album that pushed them right to their limits of playing ability at that time. It was grind to create, but the product was legendary.

I listen to these all the way through:

Many of Rush's other albums
Boston 1-3
The Eagles: Hotel California
Jackson Browne: Lives in the Balance
Sarah McLachlan: Surfacing

I don't listen to these often, but to the best of my recollection they're worthing listening thru all the way:
Evanecsence: Fallen & Through the Open Door, Extreme: III Sides to Every Story
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Rush - 2112
Boston - Boston (1st album)
Beatles - Abby Road
Pink Floyd - The Final Cut


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I’ll second Led Zeppelin II and add Led Zeppelin IV, and raise you Black Sabbath Vol 4.

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