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They most likely just fit a green or blue sleeve over the finger. Then they can remove it in post-production.

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There is a scene where they are loading up with armor piercing rounds. Didn't John ask for safe passage to Casablanca? It would seem to travel so far just to see a lot of night shooting and the desert. They could have saved a bunch of money and shot on a set. Liked the twist with the horses and motorcycle scenes.

Overall JW3 was entertaining and I will probably go see it again!!
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We Redboxed Wick 1 & 2 yesterday to eat up a rainy Saturday. 1 wasn’t too bad but 2 was way to far out. We wouldn’t dream of spending money on 3.

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^^^^ That would be a mistake. 3 was a much better movie than 2 but I enjoyed that as well.
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Wick 3 was very entertaining!! My oldest son and I went 2 weeks ago. It was loud, gun shots and dogs destroying bad guys loins. Classic John Wick. Love it! 3 was better than 2!!

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Originally posted by LastCubScout:
John Wick 3 was okay. I find these sequel stories undercut by the presence of the ridiculous comic book-y underground crime syndicate. The first John Wick was a simple story of a guy getting revenge for his dog (and car), and the organization hovered in the background to give some weird color to that movie world.

In the sequels, the organization is much more prominent in the storytelling, and it's so over the top, it destroys any drama that might've existed in the script. The weird processing room filled with tatted secretaries typing on manual typewriters and Commodore computers hooked to green CRT screens and writing on chalkboards, the administrative offices that are a hall of mirrors projecting giant holograms, how to meet the big guy - walk out in the desert under Ursa Major until you pass out and maybe he'll meet with you... I HATE THAT RIDICULOUS STUFF! Gimme a break!

I do admire Keanu for going through all that training for such a silly film. It's not that his character has to be that realistic, so I appreciate his dedication. Halle looked more impressive than Charlize's moves in Atomic Blonde.

Couldn't believe that the Continental's guards would take on armored guys with rifles with only pistols. They had an entire arsenal of military weapons at their disposal! Of course they got their ass handed to them!

Overall, I was satisfied with the level of violence. This is what I want from current James Bond and Mission Impossible and Fast and the Furious movies. Rated R usually makes action movies so much better in my book. I just wish they would tone down that silly organization's presence. It's one step away from Wanted and its curving bullets.

This is how I felt. The last 30 minutes really seemed sluggish to me. I was not impressed with the continentals ability to defend itself. I was expecting ceiling drop miniguns in the main lobby to just end it all. Anyway, the High Table crap got old real quick. Oh and did you catch the transgender in the processing room taking the final call? Whatever, it got old.

The only character I had wished to see more of and wish she had been in 2 and now 3 was Bridget Regan. but nope.

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Call me whatever but I didn't find 3 any better than 2. Just lots of martial arts and gunplay with a mediocre story line. The first movie was entertaining but these two sequels I find less than stellar.

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