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Originally posted by RAMIUS:
Maybe it was good technically.

The only plus I can think of is that it didn't try to somehow shove a romantic store line down my throat.

And no dying guys telling their buddies through blood soaked tears, "Tell my wife...I love her...".'s got that going for it.


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Originally posted by PASig:
Did you miss the scene toward the very end when Tom Hardy was flying parallel with the beach? They showed lines and lines of tens of thousands of troops that stretched out into the distance. Much like that original photo you showed.

I was asleep by then. Lame movie.

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Originally posted by RogueJSK:
I thought it was one of the best films I saw all year, especially from a technical standpoint. Beautifully shot, with amazing sound. I expect it will end up with a handful of technical Oscars, like Best Cinematography or Best Sound Editing.

I wish I had the opportunity to watch it on IMAX.

Originally posted by andronicus:
And there should have been more planes. Pretty sure there were more than 3 Spitfires there.

Yep. The RAF flew around 3500 sorties to Dunkirk during the 10 day long battle.

I'm not sure the exact number of total fighters present, but it appears that the RAF lost over 100 fighters at Dunkirk during this period, of which over 60 were Spitfires.

Ditto Rogue, thought it was outstanding, and par for the course for Nolan. Excellent film. One of the year’s best.

Got it.....Rough air ahead, we’re in for some chop.
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Quick, we gotta plug these bullet holes, everyone stick a finger in a hole so this thing will float.....GMAFB!
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The incredible gliding Spitfire that went on forever!

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Omg - wife and I watched this a few nights ago. She's pissed I spent real money on it.

One of the most convoluted movies I've ever watched. Director should've stopped trying to be so artistic with the timeline and just told the damn story. Though on their individual merit each scene held its own, someone in the editing room failed to comprehend the story's timeline is a main factor when telling a story.

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Originally posted by RAEIndustries:
Ive noticed in most movies I see that the sound , both voices and background music etc is not adjusted well at all and many times indiscernible

all the money they waste on visuals and we cant hear the most important parts of the movie

You need to find a new theater, or improve your home theater. Or see an ear doctor.

I like Sigs and HK's, and maybe Glocks
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