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Watched it last night. Enjoyable flick. A little anti-gun nonsense in the gun store (anyone can get a gun, wink wink) plus ALL the AR15's were fully automatic machine guns. No wonder the average politician and uninformed citizen thinks these guns are death spraying machine guns.

Other than that, a decent, fun movie.

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Originally posted by DoctorSolo:
I've gone all this time watching Willis shoot people, and I never knew he was a lefty.

You clearly need to see Die Hard a few (dozen) more times.

I know it's a Christmas movie, but you're running behind, so there's no shame in catching up off-season.


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Originally posted by Hume:
Roth started out in the genre of horror films, and he brings all its cheap tricks to DW.

I thought the new movie was "meh." Eli Roth is good at exploitation, but when he's working with this kind of budget with Bruce Willis, of course it'll be tamer and glossier than his usual b-flicks. Roth's touches pop up a little in the garage interrogation scene. The original Death Wish did a better job of being grimier and unpolished. Also, Charles Bronson was more believable as a pacifist forced into the vigilante role.

Elisabeth Shue has a small thankless role, but as an '80s kid I was very excited about her short scene with Vincent D'Onofrio in the beginning. I was like, "Hey, it's an Adventures in Babysitting reunion - Chris Parker and Thor in fake Chicago together again!

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It was kind of what I expected. the theater was packed for the 7:05 showing.

Bruce will probably not be winning any awards for this one.

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The left is pissing themselves over this movie. I am going to go see this in the theater now just because it makes libs sad.

Two weeks after 17 were shot to death at a Parkland, Fla., high school, Bruce Willis and Death Wish present Hollywood's best case for guns.

Hitting screens as a passionate national debate rages around the easy availability of assault-style weapons, director Eli Roth's controversial revenge drama lays out an empathetic fantasy response that's tailor-made for the NRA.

More: Watch the Bruce Willis 'Death Wish' trailer that Twitter is calling 'alt-right'

The wretched timing is slightly tempered by the fact that studio MGM had already delayed the film's release last fall (citing scheduling reasons) after a gunman opened fire at Las Vegas' Route 91 Harvest music festival, killing 58.

It's getting harder to find an appropriate time for a slick gun-love story like Death Wish, a remake of the 1974 vigilante film starring Charles Bronson (who kept the bullets flying for five installments).

Willis plays Paul Kersey, an affluent emergency-room surgeon whose beloved wife (Elisabeth Shue) is killed and daughter (Camila Morrone) is left in a coma when they're brutally attacked in a home robbery.

Though initially resistant, Kersey learns to embrace his weapons as he sets out on a quest for solo justice. He gets a taste for vigilante crime-fighting when he breaks up a random mugging with bullets.

The killings that follow, executed with Willis' trademark half-smirk and one-liners, ultimately amount to a kind of pro-gun daydream.

Judging from the cheers that erupted after each Kersey take-out during a pre-release screening for radio contest winners in Los Angeles, there's an audience eager to embrace this message.

Ironically, Kersey's initial foray into weapons at the movie's campy Jolly Rogers firearms emporium satirizes the shocking speed with which guns can be purchased in this country.

"There must be a lot of paperwork," Kersey asks the camo-clad, comely attendant (Kirby Bliss Blanton), who laughs and explains how easy assault weapons are to purchase.

Kersey leaves without buying anything. But later, he kicks a gang member's Glock under the operating-room table and dramatically shoves it into the pants of his scrubs.

AC/DC's Back in Black blasts as the soundtrack to Kersey's YouTube-led training montage for the pilfered Glock, ratcheting up the righteous revenge adrenaline. No spoiler alert needed: Kersey soon gets over his misgivings and upgrades to semi-automatic rifles.

Set in violence-plagued Chicago — with black and white pundits serving as a never-too-damning societal chorus — Kersey goes Internet viral as the hooded Grim Reaper vigilante after he's filmed in action.

Roth attempts to diffuse racial issues by portraying the worst baddies Kersey hunts down as a mixed gang of primarily white men, including the ultimate evildoer Knox (Beau Knapp).

But Death Wish makes no bones about its need-for-firepower message.

As Kersey travels from his wife's funeral, his grieving stepfather Ben (Len Cariou), unexpectedly pulls his GMC pickup truck over, and fires a rifle at fleeing poachers.

"If a man wants to protect what's his, he has to do it for himself," Ben says, slinging the rifle over his shoulder.

The pivotal scene romanticizing the need for guns directly after a senseless gun death is even more jarring with the recent memory of Florida's tragedy.

With Willis pulling the trigger, Death Wish pounds out the clear, unfortunate message that more guns are the answer.

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I went to see it last week simply because I knew the lib's and antigunners were all upset with it and I figure anything that piss's them off is a good thing. I really enjoyed it. Will it ever be a classic? Hardly but when it comes out on dvd I'll buy a copy and watch it from time to time.
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Solid B to B+

I enjoyed that it was somewhat campy like the original (whether the original was meant to be that way or just as a testament as to how 1970s cinema has held up when viewed present day)

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'Twas pretty good. I was expecting there to be more racial chitchat due to him killing blacks when he first started out. As it is, I was getting annoyed at Sway talking about how bad vigilante justice was when crime is so rampant in the city.

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Originally posted by Ronin1069:

Death Wish reboot. Has potential...

Cue AC/DC music and witty Bruce Willis -

Too bad, I would have enjoyed a "dark" move with Willis.

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It'd be more accurate to suggest Eastwood stole it from Bronson in the original Death Wish.
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I'll buy the DVD, sight-unseen, just 'cuz the snowflakes got their collective panties all in a bunch over it.

Besides: Hardly a Bruce Willis movie I've ever seen wasn't worth shelf space in the personal video library Smile

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Besides: Hardly a Bruce Willis movie I've ever seen wasn't worth shelf space in the personal video library

In recent years, when Bruce plays the good guy, it's a movie worth buying. When he is the bad guy, it's often a straight to DVD dud that he just took a pay check for.
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