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Show is not until July for us but am pretty stoked. Cracked rearview came out when I was 10 and while I would listen to it back then I would not have called myself a Hootie fan.
Years went by and Darius started some solo stuff and I really began to appreciate his voice which sent me back to Hootie and really found myself enjoying the past albums.
Saw the other day they were going to tour in 2019 and thought I sure would like to go. Wife and I talked about it at dinner tonight and she said she would want to go too. We don’t agree on much music at all, the 90s era music is about all we do agree on though. Then I talked to my buddy and he mentioned them touring and wanting to go
Jumped on the dreaded Ticketmaster site. Looks like everything is presale for certain promos until tomorrow. One of those happens to be for Citicard holders I am a Citicard holder but never use it. Used their 0% for 18 months awhile back but paid it all off. So I called Citi to see about the promo code and the guy says I see you have not had any activity since you paid the card off in April. Would you be interested in 5% cash back on all purchases for 6 months. Sure would with Christmas upon us and right now get 5% on Amazon and 1% everywhere else. So 5% on everything will be a huge plus.
Boom!! Hootie presale tickets snagged and 5% back on all my purchases for 6 months. I pay off the CC every month and carry no balance so nothing but a win around here.
Only thing that could add to the winning tonight would be if they added Blues Traveler to the line up since they were popular around the same time and just dropped a new album too.

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my wife got tickets to the Raleigh show. Hootie is one of the few musical styles we agree on as well
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No, but going to see Iron Maiden in Charlotte July 24th!

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I think I caught that show in '98 or so.

Half-jokes aside, Barenaked Ladies were tons of fun to see. Great show.
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I'd like to see them both!

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