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Originally posted by Ripley:
I can't let this slide, let's call it a day on the subject.

Originally posted by 280nosler:
..(Vettel) moving the place placards

I'm not going to lie - this is a despicable sight of unsportsmanlike behavior.

Originally posted by cfiore:
Originally posted by 280nosler:

Here is Jolyon Palmer's take on the penalty:

You obviously are an F1 fan and knowledgeable, however, posting Jolyon Palmer's take on the penalty??? Please!!! Seriously, there hasn't been a bigger no talent F1 driver ever. My God, if he was still driving he would make the torpedo look like Senna. Him and Rosberg are two of a handful of people who see the penalty as warranted.

You obviously also are not a fan of Vettel which explains your seeing the penalty the way you see it.

A fan of Vettel now - no. But I used to be. He lost me as a fan when the whole Multi 21 incident went down. When the wall called Webber and told him they told both to turn the car down and bring it home with Webber 1, and Vettel 2, and Vettel did not turn his car down, while Webber turned his car down and passed him while the wall told him he would not do it, it showed what kind of person he really was. There have been a number of other incidents that he did not apologize for to numerous other drivers (Button, Alonso, a few times with Massa), and I came to realize that he was just as il spirited as Schumacher was at his worst. Does it make him a bad person, no, but he has made no friends on the circuit, and Kimi has so much during the awards presentations last year.

There are few drivers that I think will be well regarded into the future from F1, and while had been able to drive the hell out of the Red Bull, and won multiple championships, he does not seem like one that will be remembered as one of the greats.

As for posting a link to Jolyon, again it is one person's take, and from a RULES perspective, there were really only two outcomes, which I respect the rules. You don't like them, get rid of them and there will (likely) be more crashes, and I won't complain.

Ross Brawn came out today and was quoted that three of the four stewards were in agreement after consulting the telemetry and video feeds.

Again, if you don't like the outcome, we are in agreement, but not liking how the rule is implemented is only the stewards decision, and based on the TECHNICAL rulebook, I don't see any other way.

I continue to say to people, and have yet to have anybody disagree with me, that if this is two backmarkers fighting for 12 and 13 position, this conversation would not be happening.

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