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Plowing straight ahead come what may
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Just turned on the TV and TCM was on...missed the first part of The Day The Earth Stood Still...I came in where Gort was fixing to laser-eye Patrica Neal...a great cast and one of the better SiFi movies of all time of my all time favorites! Now I'm sad I didn't know it was on (watching the space ship disappear into the blackness of space).


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Watch it as well. A classic


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Here I am, thinking of Ringo's album cover, the Army of Darkness, the canadian rock band....and screw Keanu's remake. Big Grin

So many references...

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My dad and I really loved this movie (on re-runs) and it got me started on Sci-fi in general.

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Yes, great flick. Can't tell you how many times I've watched it but try not to miss any time it's broadcast.

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The Constable
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Here's the soundtrack on YouTube. As impressive as the movie.

One of those Classics I try not to miss should I see it's on. SO well done.
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Always try and watch it when it's on. They played "War of the World" (the original) after that and then "Forbidden Planet". All excellent movies!

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If you watched the Q&A after watching the Day the Earth Stood Still there was an interesting tidbit. Apparently the producers or some people had issues with the alien rising from the dead.
I dont like Ben Mankewwiez but I do like movie history.

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If you liked the movie, the book: "Farewell to the Master," Harry Bates, 1940.

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This is a great movie, I caught this as well. This is a classic. I love Patricia Neal.
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