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I just finished watching the latest season of "Love" on Netflix and was pleasantly surprised by how they represented gunowners in one of the last episodes (SPOILER ALERT!)

The series is a comedy that centers around a young couple trying to work out their new found relationship in Los Angeles. Like many of these series, they're both involved in the Hollywood entertainment industry. He's a teacher for kids involved in a TV series and she's a producer for a young woman that is the host of a (sex related) radio talk show.

While obviously these two are in an environment where the Left reigns, the writers and producers actually seem to make a legitimate effort to avoid politics and focus on the human issues that bring or drive lovers, families, and friends together or apart. I was pretty well convinced of this while watching the earlier episodes (this is the series' third season), but confirmation came about in an episode this season when the couple goes to the young man's parent's home in South Dakota, giving the young woman an opportunity to meet his parents (the father being portrayed by Ed Begley Jr).

Knowing from the start that the guy's family would be portrayed as conservatives (the phrase "flyover country" is used), I wasn't surprised when Dad offered to show the citygirl a couple of his guns. In fact, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and have him depicted as some kind of hateful, racist, misogynist, etc... Well, shockingly, Ed was surprisingly normal as he verified the "bolt action rifle" and "shotgun" (a black colored pumpgun) were unloaded and handed them to the girl to look at. He even offered to take her hunting someday and she said she might take him up on it!!! Eek

The storyline continued into the next episode and although the family had "issues", the narrative made it crystal clear that they were really no different from the city folk in that regard. People were shown as fallible people, but not crazies, and South Dakotan conservatives were represented as having REAL values that made them worthy of respect and getting to know better...even to the point of becoming part of their family.

Again, they didn't get into the 2nd Amendment stuff or gun control, but DID portray gun owners in a positive light and in doing so, I think they stayed true to the producers' (Judd Apatow and Paul Rudd among them) attempt to focus on people and not push a political agenda. Something quite rare these days (IMHO), but admirable. Gives me some hope. I'd highly recommend giving the series a shot.

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I really enjoy that show...Been a fan of Gillian Jacobs since community and the rest of the cast is great, especially Judd Apatow's daughter.
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Just be cautious which "Love" on Netflix you pick.

One of them is pretty much hardcore porn.


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