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Time lapse video of C-130H disassembly at the Frederick (MD) airport Login/Join 
The end of the 3:00 video is transporting the fuselage to Ft Detrick for use as a training aid.

MD State Police have an AW-139 based at FDK, but I did not spot one.

Video and article:

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Interesting video.
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Well, that sucks. I have a fair amount of hours on that bird. She always treated me well as I recall. Her sister Damien (1666) was truly a bitch from hell. Damn thing tried to kill me at least twice.

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Never flew into Frederick direct, but I did fly into a nearby private strip once.

Regarding the MSP, the hangar I used to work in was later taken over by the MSP for one of their helo sites...if I'm not mistaken they have a S.W.A.T. unit operating there also.

That was an impressive C-130 disassembly video... but, at only 1:09 I think these guys got them beat. Wink

Link to original video:
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Did anybody notice the clips were not in order? At 47 seconds the left wing had the fuel pod off as well as the flaps, then at 53 seconds it was back on.

Then later, around 2:30 the stabilizer came off, went back on, came off, went back on and came off again.

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