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I think they do! I have them on DVD but we binge watched the first three on Netflix this past weekend.

I think the music/sound track is still some of best Williams has done. The modeling effects are a bit dated but who cares. The stories are fluid and captivating. I actually like Connery as Dr Jones Sr. And River Ohoenix did a good job capturing the facial nuances of a young Indy.

My favorite is if course ROTLA, followed by Last Crusade, and finally Temple of Doom. I’m not sure I put the 4th movie in with the others simply because the story is idiotic.


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If we can forget that the fourth one was made, yes they have held up well. I agree with your ranking as well.

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I think they hold up well.

Good writing, storytelling, and directing go a long way. It helps that the films are period pieces and don't fall into dated pop culture references.

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ROTLA, followed by Last Crusade, and finally Temple of Doom

Same^^^......and yes, they do hold up.

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I secretly enjoy watching Short Round get smacked around. He is SOOOOOO annoying.

The first two are pretty timeless and hold up quite well. They got progressively worse and I never liked the last 2.

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I think I like TLC more than ROTLA.

I've never understood the order they made the movies. The part with young Indy was in the last movie. Why wasn't that in the first movie? And TOD just seems out of place compared to the other two films. If I were to have guessed I would have thought it was the first film made because the other two are so much better.

And I'll just leave this here.
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Raiders is just classic epic filmmaking. Like Star Wars before, what a great update to all those old '30s/'40s adventure serials. Ah Raiders, a throwback from my youth when you could shoot people in the head, chop them up with an airplane propeller, and melt their faces off in a rated PG mainstream movie... Big Grin (I guess Temple of Doom squelched that!)

Temple of Doom is just a hilariously insane good time , and Last Crusade was decent.

I still defend Crystal Skull. It falters in its third act, but overall I thought it was a lot of fun. I laughed my ass off at the refrigerator scene - I don't know why so many people had a problem with that. But honestly, that film had me from "Cate Blanchett as an evil psychic Russian agent." Razz
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Yes, all three Indiana Jones movies hold up.

Big Grin

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I think Raiders and The Last Crusade hold up. Temple sucks and Crystal Skull should never have been made.

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The first one holds up, but the others, I could do without.
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First two, to me, are excellent, and will stand the test of the time. The third one not so much and the 4th was terrible.

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Temple of doom was far too annoying at the time, I can't imagine it's gotten any better.

Raiders is a masterpiece of sorts and Last Crusade is great fun. I haven't seen that last thing and intend to keep it that way.

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ROTLA is fantastic. Every time I watch it I'm transformed into the boy in the theater watching it for the first time.

TOD and TLC - I liked TLC okay and can rewatch it. TOD I've only watched the once, 'nuff said.

As to Crystal Skull . . . well, I think the boys at South Park addressed my feelings on that best and that's my opinion on that.

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Raiders is and always will be a great film. Last Crusade is a very fun film, just not as good as Raiders. Temple of Doom holds up fine, but is noticeably worse than ROTLA and TLC. Crystal Skull makes me want to punch a nun.


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The first one started with a Chachapoyan temple. It was downhill from there. Ending up in a cesspit when the fourth one starts.

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Raiders was great. ToD and TLC were good.

Originally posted by Loswsmith:
As to Crystal Skull . . . well, I think the boys at South Park addressed my feelings on that best and that's my opinion on that.

I can’t think of that movie without thinking of that episode. It’s as wrong as the movie was!


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Raiders of the lost ark is the only one I watch.
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Raiders made me want to become an archeologist. Sadly, I didn't follow that career path. If I had it all to do over, though....


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Originally posted by parabellum:
The first one holds up, but the others, I could do without.

Must agree. Temple of Doom was incredibly ridiculous.

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I thought one of the interesting points about the first movie was made on the sit com The Big Bang Theory... when it was pointed out that the ending would have been the same regardless of all that Indian Jones did through out the whole movie.
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