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A sad day for the apostrophe.

“A society dedicated to preserving the 'much abused' apostrophe is to be shut down as its chairman says 'ignorance and laziness' has won.

John Richards, who worked in journalism for much of his career, started the Apostrophe Protection Society in 2001 after he retired.

Now aged 96, Mr Richards is calling time on the society which lists the three simple rules for correct use of the punctuation mark.

His work involved advising people on proper use and writing to organisations to highlight their apostrophe errors.

Writing on the society's website, the former newspaper reporter and sub editor from Boston, Lincolnshire said: 'Fewer organisations and individuals are now caring about the correct use of the apostrophe in the English language…”

Look about you.
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Well weve got to say thats that.

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Shouldn't that be close's?
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I love apostrophes. They're nutritious, high in fiber, high in heart healthy monounsaturated fats and can lower cholesterol and triglycerides! Smile

Sliced bread, the greatest thing since the 1911.

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Those twelve guys will certainly be missed.

Whom shall we name our kids after from now on, the seven waffles?


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Oddly, the site never linked to in the article appears to contradict the article.
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