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So my family has been super busy for a while now and haven't had much time together. My wife came home today with three movies she had picked up. Tomorrow night will officially be family movie night but I know we won't be able to pull off more than one. My wife and I have seen all these before of course but our kids (20years and 14years old) have not. So please help us make the decision. Let us know which movie to go with and please give your reasoning.

I'd love to know which of these would be your favorite and why.

Which movie should we watch and why.



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just cause it is Friday night, and a classic
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I guess it depends on the mood of the family.
Two are great choices, but I have not seen Vertigo.

I would have to go with Psycho. It freaks me out. I hate horror movies to begin with, but with Psycho Alfred Hitchcock is a master of using the various light and darkness with the camera and the music just sends tingles through you.

I also like it because it is from an era when you were supposed to be frightened, on the edge of your seat and chilled to the bone. Unlike today's movies that are more slasher films, and gore. I have seen enough of that at work.

Plus there are many first in the movie, which many laugh at in today's society.

Some of the taboo's were:
When Marion was shown flushing a toilet, with its contents (torn-up note paper) fully visible. No flushing toilet had appeared in mainstream film and television in the United States at that time

Another one was in the opening scene in which Sam and Marion are shown as lovers sharing the same bed, with Marion in a bra. In the Production Code standards of that time, unmarried couples shown in the same bed would be taboo.

Have great evening.
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Psycho. A classic which will do great job of scaring the kids.
Stewarts performance in Harvey is great. He could do it all.

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I voted Vertigo but that's because I like mysteries and I enjoyed that movie.

However, Harvey would probably make for a more family-friendly movie out of the three. Then again, I don't know what you would consider "family-friendly" for your family.

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I think I saw Psycho once.

Vertigo, probably twice.

And Harvey, more times than I can remember.

If I could watch one of them right now, I'd watch Harvey.

Vertigo and Psycho are better film making, but Harvey is the one I enjoy the most. Smile

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All of these are good picks. After you're done with these, I'd throw in Rear Window.

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I voted for Harvey, due to it's whimsical, off-beat nature. Stewart is great as the affable, but hapless Elwood P. Dowd. This one quote from Elwood, seems to sum it all up: "Years ago, my mother used to say to me, she'd say 'In this world, Elwood, you can be oh so so smart, or oh so pleasant.' Well, for years I was smart... I recommend pleasant. You may quote me." Besides who wouldn't want a Pooka for a friend?


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For a 20 and 14yo? Psycho.
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