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Originally posted by rscalzo:
How many remember her in a room years before Andy Griffith.

I didn't know she was in that. Interesting!

Aneta Corsaut (Helen) was in The Blob with Steve McQueen. Helen and Aunt Bee could have exchanged interesting monster stories.
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Still watch a few episodes a week (only B&W).

A couple of favorites are the one with the flower nursery and still. Of course the ladies only sold their elixir for special occasions such as National Potato Day. Another is where Nate Comstock gives Andy a shotgun (Rem. 1100 if memory serves) for arresting/shooting him resulting in him getting his life straight.

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Loved this show since I was a kid. I echo the sentiments on sticking with the B&W Don Knotts years.

My favorites are any episode with The Darlings, aka The Dillards in real-life. I’ve become a big fan of their music thanks to TAGS.

Though we aren’t truly “active,” my wife and I are on record with a chapter of TAGSRWC, The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club. Gotta find our club certificate haha...

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stupid Ron howard and Clint had to grow up and ruin everything.

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