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Originally posted by Belwolf:
American Horror Story: Hotel.

I gave up with about 2 episodes left, don't know why I lasted that long, it was horrible. I avoided the last season as well.

I gave up on Freak Show about 1/2 - 3/4 of the way in. I just couldn't get into it anymore.

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First time I watched Goodfellas, at the scene where a guy was in the trunk of the car and they were driving to bury him after just having dinner at the mom's house. Ray Liotta starts hearing a noise coming from the trunk. They open the trunk. Joe Pesci stabs him several times. Then Robert Di Nero shoots him a couple of times.

I stopped the movie at the point because I got scared. I knew that was a depiction of a real event and people out there are quite capable of doing this and do do that regularly.

This was way past the halfway point of the movie.

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I had to turn-off, that stupid Cloud Atlas movie half way through-it! I couldn't even follow the friggin' thing!


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Battlestar Fracking Galactica.(reboot)
Just kept getting more lost/annoyed as the final season went on. Didn't watch the finale. Just stopped caring.

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Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, during its first run in movie theaters. Nauseating to watch the acting and listen to the pathetic dialog. Plus it didn't help that the seats we had were horrible. Wife and I got up and walked out about 10 minutes before the end. Over the years I probably have inadvertently seen the ending at some point with relatives and family events and some such given the kids in our clan who loved these SW films. No telling how many times that they've had them playing in the background during gettogethers and functions. But frankly if pressed I couldn't tell you how the storyline ends for that film.
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Originally posted by OneWheelDrive:
I watched all of Quantum Leap and missed the very last one. Never went out looking for it. Liked the show, but thought the ending might ruin the experience.

I also missed the last episode of MASH when it aired. Took about 20 years before I caught in on reruns.

You NEED to watch the Quantum Leap series finale. It was fantastic.

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Blood Lines, started last episode and turned it off within 10 minutes, Miss Sloan or Sloan or what ever, I made it to the trial at the end, I just decided I'd watch, but a deaf, dumb and blind man could see she was going to pull something out of her fundament and everybody would would sign on to her crusade. Does falling asleep in the last half hour of Rogue One Count? Could.Not.Watch.

I try to make up for my artistic failings by how many times I've watched the first 20 minutes of Dead Pool. It's because of the music, yeah, that's it, the music.


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If I've come that far, I'll finish it. Did it with SOA, True Detective Season 2, and Dexter.

Granted it wasn't seat of the pants watching the finale, more like "lets see what bullshit they come up with now".

Glad I did, at least I know what happened.
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I can't think of any that I've turned off right before the end on purpose, but there have been many films where I've fallen asleep towards the end.

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