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Anyone watching? Any good?

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Good show.

The creators of this show were the same guys who did the various Stargate series. Expect some familiar faces if you were a fan of those shows.

Sadly, Syfy pulled the plug abruptly at the end of season 3 without wrapping up plot lines.
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I didn't like the end of season 2, and didn't come back for season 3. Season one was good though.
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I thought Season 1 was very good. 2 and 3 were average but still worth watching.

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Since you've already paid for it, it's worth watching. But to my mind, it's the most unoriginal, "we borrowed plot lines from everything" show I've ever seen. I was going to say, if you're a big sci-fi fan you can watch it and play "name the show/stolen plot twist" while you're watching. But I kept doing it, and I'm not even a big sci-fi fan.

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For real?
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I binged seasons 1 and 2 and eagerly awaited 3. I was a little let down by 3 and then again when they canceled it.

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In a way, it was good that it was cancelled because it was getting too complicated too quickly. I will say that seeing One die was a serious blow to me, but it lent the show an air of credibility because it seemed nobody would be safe.

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