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What is the first video game you played that was at home (not at an arcade or something public)? Login/Join 
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Beserker, Missile Command, Zork, Rogue, I remember a bunch of early games.


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Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt combo cartridge on the NES.

Circa 1987ish.
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Pong was the first video game I played at home.

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Star Strike on an Intellivision

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Pong at a neighbors house.

When Atari came out we wanted it bad but our dad got the Magnavox copy. It just wasn’t the same as it didn’t have the processor the Atari systems had.

Found a pic. It was the Oddesey 2 system. The picture on the game box was always cooler than the game graphics.

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This thread smells like old folks. Big Grin

Pong here as well.

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Get off my God damn lawn!!!!

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Super Mario Brothers. The first one on NES.


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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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I want to say it was PONG on an Atari that had battle tanks.


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Atari 2600. Combat.

I sold off some NES stuff about 15 years ago and was shocked at what people were willing to pay.

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We had a dedicated PONG console, but I cant remember what it looked like. We then got an Atari 400. I've never met anyone else who had one of these. Not sure why my parents didn't get the Atari 2600 like the other normal parents did. Pac Man was the most popular game we had.

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Pong, on the original two knob Pong console at a friend's house. Funny thing, it's the only home video game I've ever played. That version came out in 1972, and I was 7. I was probably 8 or 8 when I played it.

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Donkey Kong on an Intellevision. Played the hell out of that game. Then racing and baseball.
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My Dad was an early A/V nerd and a computer geek in general. He came home with this bad boy one day.

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Pong, then Load Runner and Zork on Commodore 64.

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Does it have to be a *Video* game? The first computer games I remember playing were text-based. One, I think it was called "Trucker" was written in BASIC. You could actually read (and change, if you wished!) the code to customize it. Then there were the games like Zork ("you were eaten by a grue").

My wife at the time worked for a startup company that produced "game modems" for the Commodore 64. You paid a subscription and the modem would dial into the company's host computer and you could download and play any game in the catalog. I remember PaperBoy, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Snake, Asteroids, Centipede and the like.

I got a Mac in 1984, and the graphics (and sound!) for games were awesome! Prince of Persia, 3in3, Crystal Quest, Arkanoid were some of the games I remember.

Then, I also got a PC, because I used one at work, and with it I played Art of War, Football, Leisure Suit Larry, Duke Nukem, and more. I sometimes wonder how I got any work done!

These days, I limit my game playing to my cell phone. Smile

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Intellevision. Whatever airplane game that said “Bombs away!”
IIRC, it required an add on device to the console. As a poor kid at a friends house well it was kind blowing back then.

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Submarine, on a Magnavox Odyssey, in 1973.
Not mine - belonged to a kid in the neighborhood.

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