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How is the service. It looks like I can ditch my $129 a month cable expense to $64.99. Is the streaming smooth? Do they have all the old episodes of a tv show on demand like Comcast does?

DOES the vue tv have a proper guide similar to comcasts? All I can see is the list of channels live and what's playing right now, then you have to click on each channel and scroll through it to see. Does it have a list type guide like comcast or direct tv?

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We have had it for about a month. I'm happy with the service. The stream is smooth, has an occasional buffer but seems fairly rare. It runs smoother and the interface is MUCH butter on th Fire TV over the Roku (I have both).

It has on demand for the network channels, unless you're in a large market with supports local channels.

You are limited to using at home only, i.e., you can't take your roku or fire stick on vacation with you and use the service.

Again, for the cost savings over cable tv, I'm staying with Vue.
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I've had Vue for about a year. Generally pleased however its far from perfect

We don't watch too many channels, so I only have the base package for $39.99/month. When I originally signed up it include 60 channels. That number has now dwindled down to 50 as Sony has lost deals. The monthly price has not decreased to reflect the loss in service. I'm a bit pissed about that

I use amazon fire sticks to run the vue app. I don't have the voice command fire stick, which I should probably investigate. Since there is no keypad on the fire stick remote searching and logging in to apps is a pain in the ass as you're forced to use an onscreen keyboard.

Stream quality is excellent. I have friends that used sling before switching to Vue and they've told me the difference is night and day. I can only compare to my old Comcast experience which I would say the quality is just as good if not better, several channels transmit in 1080p where comcast was usually 720p

The interface is very sluggish. It can take a long time to bring up the guide and search for shows. The DVR feature is great though and we haven't had any problems with it. I should state I have 100mbps internet access at home. I think Sony says you should have at least 20mbps for one instance of Vue, and running multiple tv's will take an additional 15mbps per unit

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