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I just finished Season 5. It reminds me of the style that House of Cards had this season. The entire season was on one subject. I won't mention what for those of you that have not seen it. I don't like how it ends, and now the new season won't come until summer 2018.

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The weakest season yet for Orange. I'm into it at episode 7. Quite a few times I got bored with the endless near meaningless dialog and FF to a new scene. I used to get trapped into watching 2 or more episodes a night, but this season..meh.

They have over thought the story lines (or maybe it's under thought) of which there are too many and too much chaos.

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I started to lose interest in Season 3 and haven't gone back. I may, but maybe not, we'll see.
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Originally posted by 46and2:
I started to lose interest in Season 3 and haven't gone back. I may, but maybe not, we'll see.

About middle of season 3 for the wife and I.

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I finished 3, have not finished 4,

not sure if I will
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I've been binge watching it after Sons of Anarchy. Thanks to my Netflix karma.

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My GF loves that show, but if you know anything about the real Piper Kerman, it's hard to stomach that show.

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