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I enjoyed the show when I was younger. I remember the one episode about a knight that was killing people. My father had an inexpensive suit of armor in our home living room as a kid and remember being nervous having it around for a while.

I remember seeing an action figure of Kolchak and a few of the monster/characters years ago. Now it seems they are asking/selling for big money.
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My mother was an avid fan of the show, and allowed my older brother and I to watch it with her.

As an 8-year old at the time, I can say it single-handedly caused me to be terrified of the dark for years to come. Frown

The knight, motorcycle rider & werewolf are the only ones I distinctly remember nowadays. Though I am watching the episode linked in OP. Heh.

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Carol Lynley. Ooooohhh Carol Lynley.

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One of my all-time favorite shows from when I was a kid. Have been catching a few on a streaming service, and it actually holds up relatively well.
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My favorite episode:

Cemetery graves were being dug up and the bodies had been taken. No one could find out why, or what had happened to the bodies.

Until Kolchak was on the case. He found out that necromancers were making zombies of the bodies – and using them for Hollerith keypunch operators. Smile

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