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Geissele SSA-E is by far the best overall trigger.
I have used this the most but also many of the others including the SD-E and the Match Trigger.
The MT is the absolute best only because of the adjustability.
Otherwise the SD-E and the SSA-E are 96.785% as good.
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I should own stock in Geissele, based solely on the number of triggers I've bought from them, between AR's, SCAR's, and MPX's. Razz

My personal favorite is the SD3G, but I agree, the SSA-E is by far the best overall product they sell.


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JP Rifles single stage for precision, Timney single stage for competition and a Nickel-Boron coated trigger with JP spring kit for home defense use.
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Geissle ssa-e for me. I have them on most of my 556 and 308 ar's
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Geissele SSA-E if your budget allows.

Larue MBT2s is a close 2nd at 1/3rd the cost.
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Originally posted by RNshooter:
Hey all-

I'm over here pondering the universe of AR triggers. So many!
Help me sort them out, a bit.

What's your favorite all-around AR trigger?
Favorite "fighting AR" trigger?
Favorite precision trigger?
Favorite "best buy/budget" trigger?

Let's leave budget out of everything but the "best buy/budget" category.


I have use the following triggers:

Mil-Spec from Colt and DPMS.
CMC single stage trigger module.
Geissele SSA.
JP Single Stage EZ Trigger.
Hiperfire Hipertouch Elite.

Out of all of them, my favorite is the Hipertouch Elite. I still have all of the above listed triggers. If I were doing it all over again I would have the Hiperfire in every rifle.

Similar cost among most of them although the CMC is quite a bit cheaper. It is a good value but it is not nearly as good as the Hiperfire.

If you take the time to delve into the design and engineering of the Hiperfire triggers, they actually went way above and behind the typical methods of most good trigger manufacturers. Those being, perfect geometry and polish, and lighter springs.

The Hiperfire triggers actually strike the primer harder than a mil spec trigger with stock springs. While having less spring tension on the hammer and sear interface while the trigger is fully cocked.

The toggle over design is simple and smart and it works really really well. I have no affiliation with the company, just a happy customer.

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My actual favorite is my stock Colt trigger after it was touched up by a local gunsmith. The man was a savant with the AR trigger. He literally touched it to a belt sander for 0.1 second, stroked it twice with a stone, blew on it, put on a drop of oil and dropped it back in with the stock springs. It has a perfect carrot-like break and feels 2 lbs lighter. On a trigger scale it breaks right at 4.5 lbs. He has since quit the business so anything that has one of his triggers either stays or gets the trigger swapped out, if it gets sold Wink


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Originally posted by fritz:
I have one AR10 & AR15 trigger -- Wilson Combat single stage TTU. It works for all my rifles and purposes. One will be hard pressed to find a trigger that is so crisp in its break, and one with such a short and positive reset.


I have several WC TTUs and swear by them.

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Love this one Geiselle SD3G have then in few of my ARs
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Just can't beat at LaRue as far as I'm concered. They could sell it for twice the price and it would still be a deal.

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Geissele SSA-E all day long.
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While I'm a fan of standard triggers with a solid reset, but by far my favorite trigger is the two Franklin Arms BFAII triggers I have.

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