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To the OP,

So you have an M&P Sport or Sport 2?

If I read the specs right you have a standard M16/M4 Front Sight Base (FSB) and what looks like a MAGPUL MBUS rear.

You might want to adjust them so you are using a "pumpkin and post" (the front sight at the base of the target). That might help prevent the target obstruction issue. You can also use a high contrast target. Folks shoot Iron Sighted ARs out to 500 yards.

That said for fun target shooting, I'd look a low powered variable (LPV) optic. Leupold (MARK AR), NIKON (M/P Tactical Series), VORTEX, Bushnell and SWFA (SS) all make affordable decent quality optics.
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I am a relative ignoramus about rifles, but I feel OK saying this.
Originally posted by fritz:
Originally posted by IndianaBoy:
I have no use for rifle rests because once you get away from the shooting bench, you can't carry them with you and then what do you do?


Rifle rests become crutches if used often. Rests inhibit a shooter's learning process of supporting and aiming the rifle, and ultimately of pressing the trigger without disturbing the sight picture.
Rests and benches are for seeing what the rifle can do, i.e., sighting in and accuracy testing with different loads. For seeing what you can do, shoot without one and from different positions. Unfortunately, many ranges limit what you can do with this, only letting you shoot off a bench. I miss when I lived near open desert.
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Pretty much all of my ARs are set up the same way. Magpul stock, DD fixed iron sights, aimpoint red dot sighted in at 50 yards, vickers blue force sling, light.

Get some good training and lots or ammo and mags.


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I like the Holosun red dots. Better than your $50 specials. Durable and packed with features.

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I use a Harris bipod with QD mount to sight in AR15s and for range use. I can swap it out quickly for different rifles. For larger calibers, I use an Atlas bipod.

As for optics, I use red dots for 100 yard and under shooting. With my old eyes, I need magnification if I'm shooting over 100 yards. For this I use a Vortex Viper PST 2-10x32.
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I'd do a dot or if you have an astigmatism either a low power variable or a 1x thats etched like a PA cyclops. If you want to use it defensively Id throw a light on it but otherwise mags and ammo. If you hate the trigger I'd do an aftermarket one but I'd do those other upgrades first.
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