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Savage Axis LH in 270win, Bushnell Banner 3-9x 40mm scope, Game Reaper (medium) one piece mount.

Cat: small trouble-making shitbag.

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All the cat needs is a sign on the chair that says "Now I have a rifle. Ho, ho, ho..."

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Just need to add a catonette lug for close engagements and you'll be all set.
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I like the mount. I believe DNZ discounted that mount. But I like the one I have on a .300wsm. It has been rock solid.

I am not a Savage fan myself. But many say they shoot great. Especially for the price point.

The Banner is a cheap chinese scope I believe. If it does the job, great. If not maybe look at a Nikon prostaff if in fact nikon is quitting the scope business I bet you could pick one up cheap and they are a decent scope.

Congrats on your new deer gun.

Cute kitty! That face is priceless Smile

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A southpaw bolt! You must be a brother from another Mother!
Get that baby sighted in and show us some groups.

I myself use mostly God’s chosen 30 calibers but 270 will work. Wink
Have fun.

After the game, the King and the pawn go into the same box.
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I have a Savage 110 and it has worked its away ahead of many other, more expensive deer rifles I have. Light and easy to carry great trigger and a tack driver. If it accidentally gets dropped in the washes right up. Smile

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Cat: small trouble-making shitbag.

Alright. This made me snort and laugh!

Nice rifle.

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Nice rifle.

Axis or Axis II?

My dad got my stepmom/sister an Axis (non Accu-trigger) in 243 and was appalled with the trigger (very heavy).
Timney drop-in made a significant improvement.

The Enemy's gate is down.
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Hey, just a heads up. The Savage Axis is marked down at Walmart, $198, if in stock.

I was wanting a 22-250 to go with my mid weight custom gun. I’ve not been a big Savage fan, though I do have an older 110.

Instead of the $500-$800 rifle I thought I’d give this Axis a try. They had a 243 at the same price.

Just setting up right now, simple trigger kit on the way.

I used one of those online, inventory searches for inventory, brickseek I think.
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I have a Savage AXIS in 223. It's a good shooter. Has a Nikko 3-9X40 scope.
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Originally posted by Pyker:
Savage Axis LH in 270win, Bushnell Banner 3-9x 40mm scope, Game Reaper (medium) one piece mount.

Cat: small trouble-making shitbag.

That is a grey short haired tabby right they are the spawn of the devil. I sure miss mine.
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