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New production but fit and finish are very good. Action seems pretty smooth. Maybe they have gotten the kinks worked out.

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Looks great! Am waiting on a SBL myself, delivery time is supposed to be three weeks from now, can hardly wait!

Glad yo see they've improved their QC!
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On my short list. Waiting for your impressions.

Ignem Feram
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Im sure the kinks have been worked but tis still a Remington product so I guess it just depends on the day Smile

In reality, I'm sure its to the point now similar to the US vs W. German made P series Sigs. As to the lever guns, I still want the JM stamp.

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I absolutely love mine.

My only complaint is that the front sight was cocked off to the right a few degrees.

Problem easily solved with my local gunsmith, but just something that shouldn't be an issue at all.

I did put a 4x scout scope on it so I wasn't too concerned about the front sight, but still....

As far as the rifle goes though? It shoots like butter.

You're going to love it. If you don't reload now, get into it. You won't find an easier round to load, and before long, you find a great load for yourself.

I've found a round that'll knock the hell out of anything and that I can shoot all day long. I just giggle every time I pull the trigger it's so much fun. There's just something about sending 4-500 grains of lead downrange that brings a smile to a man's face.


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Marlin lever guns are fun to shoot. Looks great.

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Congratulations! Love 45-70

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I have one, I ordered the XS sights and rail at the same time. It's the same rail that came on my CBSL. Love it!

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That's nice...really nice! Lever action is by far my favorite action type...the guns are very well balanced and handy. And the .45-70 just brings a smile (or grimace, depending upon load, lol) to one's face every time you pull the trigger!
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