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For real?
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I have more rifles than I can shoot. I haven't touched my 18" or Tavor X95 in months. I just built a 12" Grendel sbr and might get to shoot it sometime this week.

Everytime PSA has a sale on something I want with 10 PMAGs, I but it. I've got cases of ten pmags clogging up the closet. My 5.56 ammo is sparse (IMO) at only 8000+ rounds. I've stopped buying 5.56 since I rarely shoot it and am concentrating on 300blk and 6.5 Grendel.

Not minority enough!
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Originally posted by RHINOWSO:
I admit that it’s tough to get into the ammo / mags mindset - because those are simply supplies / expendable things, as opposed to a rifle which isn’t (to a greater degree).

Sure, you need more than 1 rifle and pistol, but at some point all of these ‘builds’ become an impediment to being able to use / shoot what you have well.

I get collecting, I get spare pistols / rifles / lowers, and I can understand ‘build-I-tus’, but I have never subscribed to having 5-10 home build rifles that will be photographed for posterity, see a mag or three at the range then locked away until they are sold for another ‘build’.

Obviously people are free to do as they see fit, but a weapon with out sufficient ammunition is just a future paperweight.

Bingo. A few threads over the past year have stated that if a person doesn't have an AR or two, now's the time to get the lower/upper/rifle. But for many of us here, we don't lack for ARs.

I have enough assembled lowers to last the rest of my life. And it's not a fleet of budget builds, but rather a small group of purpose-built ARs. No scrimping on optics. I'd rather have one AR that fills its intended role perfectly, instead of three that sorta/kinda/maybe do what's necessary. In various carbine courses I've seen a trigger fail at 20k rounds, and buffer springs getting weak at 10k-ish rounds. Those are likely my lower wear items.

I have more magazines than I will ever need -- courtesy of my state's messed up mag capacity laws. But it allows me to toss my grandfathered mags without worry as they malfunction. So the 1-2 mags I'm losing per year are no big deal. I figure I can toss 3-4 per year over the rest of my life any I'm fine.

Ammo is my primary consumable. I don't buy it by the case to hoard, but rather to replenish what's being shot. I'm now finding that barrels are a consumable supply, too. I pulled one shot-out barrel this year, probably will need another next year, and another the year after that.

There are no dust bunnies on my ARs. Dirt, mud, sand, scratches, wear marks -- you betcha.
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Originally posted by Edmond:mm
Depends where "there" is. Big Grin

Are 50 PMAGS and 2,500 rounds of 5.56 reasonable?

In my dads “opinion”;
That’s enough mags for 5 guns but only enough ammo for 2.5 guns ... keep working on it!

BTW ... I don’t have 10 mags & 1k of ammo per gun either

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... if you don't you'll find an excuse.

I'm really not a "kid" anymore ... but I haven't grown up yet either Wink
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