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This is just a short review on a new rifle I picked up a few weeks ago. The rifle in question has been in my dealers back room for quite a while, probably over a year or more. Everyone wants the 6.5 Creedmoor or 308. I was able to pick this one up NIB for $950. The scope is a SWFA 12X42.

After getting it home, I discovered that it is in the serial number range for the bolt shroud recall and that several people had issues with the firing pin and pierced primers as well as the flattening and cratering of primers. The only way to see if I would have the same issues was to fire the gun. I can tell you that I did not have one single issue with the rifle.

I got on paper with American Eagle 223. The gun did not like this ammo. Accuracy at 50yds was 1”-3”. The best group at 100 yds was about .85” and that was with my hand loaded Hornady 55gr FMJBT. I will be loading some 69gr SMK’s to really test the accuracy of the gun. Today was really just to test the reliability of the rifle. I like the gun and it has great potential.

As a side note, the SWFA 12X42 is a great scope. For $269 shipped, I am very impressed with it. I was shooting with a guy who had a NF SHV scope and after looking through my scope, he ordered one.

Does anyone else here have the 556 model and do you have any issues? This model has been discontinued by Ruger.

Ammo used

Hornady 53gr VMAX factory load. 1”
Federal Fusion 62gr factory load. 3” (The gun hated this load)
American Eagle 55gr FMJ 3”
Hornady 55gr FMJBT Handload 1”-1.5” depending on crimped or uncrimped round
Hornady 55gr SP handload .85”- 1” depending on crimped or uncrimped round

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CAPT Obvious
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Nice looking rifle, sir. I've had to fight off the temptation to buy this same model a few times already.
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Nice quick review. I just picked one up from I got it for a great price shipped to my ffl no dealers have this around me my local didn't realize it's discontinued he told me he has had one on order since June. Mine was under the recall also. I just got the shroud in today. I hope to take it out on Sunday. I also plan on loading my own ammo also. Keep shooting.
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Originally posted by usncorpsman:
I got on paper with American Eagle 223. The gun did not like this ammo.

Not surprising.

Thanks for the review.

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Interesting accuracy testing results. Every barrel is different, although I'm also comparing to AR-15s.

The 53 VMax factory load isn't very good for me. Definitely not around the inch you're getting.

Fusion shoots reasonably well for me, not being a match-type round. I don't have the stats handy, but it was under 2". Fusion ammo shoots well out of my other caliber rifles, too.

I get better results than 3" for American Eagle on my ARs. I think somewhere in the 1.5" to 2.5" ballpark, depending on AR.

Your Hornady handloads do quite well. Pretty impressive for the bullets being used. Whatever you're doing -- don't change it.

Keep us posted on what you do with 69 SMK and other rounds. Your 1/7 should be fine for match bullets in the 73-77 grain ballpark, too.
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This is interesting data. Surprising how the lightest round (53 VMAX) did so well.

As fritz says, make sure to test some of the heavier bullets also. Between some (Sierra and Hornady) 68gr, 69gr and the Hornady 75gr BTHP, I consistently got the best results from the 75gr BTHP, in a Rem 700 1/9 twist bolt gun. Came in under an inch, best 5-shot group was .55", typical was .75"-ish.
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Nice. Crazy with the Fusion doing so bad. I can keep it below 2” in ARs. Your gun shoots light stuff really well. Try some Federal 50 gr. Hollowpoint. It’s a weird load for me. 5 shot groups, 3 will be touching, and 2 will be about 2” away. I shot a 10 shot group 7 were in an inch and 3 got away. I don’t know if they sell the bullets for handliading, but if they do, it might be interesting.

The RPRs have been intriguing to me. Nothing is more relaxing than shooting 200-300 yards from a bench with an accurate rifle and good glass.

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