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Rifles from Turkey may have some merit. But the stuff from the Phillipines (jungle rot/ rusty etc.) may turn out to be the same type of junk they looked at in South Korea and decided they were not worthwhile to bring back

South Korea wanted to sell them back. the CMP will only take firearms that were transfered to other countries. if sold, they will not deal with them. the S. Korea rifles may be imported back by a private operation. They were said to be in poor condition.

The days of the $400 Garand are long gone.

As far as leaving with a rifle when out of state, it depends on the state. some states require a transfer through a FFL. Some states will not allow a direct shipment to the home.

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there are a dozen or more youtubes about CMP and garand rifles

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The prices for those 1911s are going to be absurd. But they will sell out in less than one day is my guess. And yes, I know this is the Rifle forum.
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I ended up getting a Service grade Garand, and I must say that it's in excellent condition. I really didn't expect it to be as nice as it turned out, but I'm sure happy!


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Here's a ~15 minute video from the Garand Collectors Association that includes a sneak peek at some of the CMP's recently received Filipino Garands, and a discussion of some of the challenges the CMP faced in getting them back to the US. Many look to be in rough shape, but some look just fine.

Also includes a quick look at couple interesting recaptured Garands, including one that was captured in 1970 from the Vietcong in Cambodia, and another that was captured a couple years ago from the Taliban in Afghanistan.
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Thanks, Rogue, that was very good.

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