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Originally posted by Nuclear:
Ok, scrap the irons, I just have had crappy luck with scopes lately, resulting in being unable to shoot a new rifle for months. It's still stupid to sell a gun without at least rudimentary sights, in my opinion.

I'd pick up a Ruger Scout in 6.5 C, but it apparently was a special order / limited time offer type of thing.

They aren't hard to find. Just look on or the like and have it sent you an FFL near you. I'll have to second newmexican's advise though. Go check out the Tikka T3x lightweight and a Kimber Hunter. Any of them would make a great hunting rifle for you. If anything buy the least expensive of the bunch and invest the extra into a better scope. :-)

Remember, this is all supposed to be for fun...................
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Look hard for a Ruger M77MKII 6.5x55!!

I can coach you thru the mods necessary, but once applied, you will have an all purpose 6.5 second to none!!

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