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Originally posted by apf383:
This model here:

I set it for about 13, scope is mounted, leveled, and appears good. I have not made it to the range yet though. Thanks all.

when I click on that link it brings up a torque wrench with a Torque range: 40-200 in. Lbs. It also lists in the description 3.3-16.7in-lbs, but in the specs it lists 3.3-16.7ft-lbs which corresponds to 40-200in-lbs. The description has incorrectly labeled units. That makes sense that the tube was damaged due to over tightening. And just a guess but if you originally set it to 15 I am guessing that was the ft-lb setting(my in-lb torque wrench has in-lbs on one side and ft-lbs on the other side.) which is equivalent to 180in-lbs. And 13ft-lbs is equivalent to 156in-lbs 12 times more than needed. Bottom line if this is the torque wrench you have it doesn't go light enough to do what you need.
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I get what youre saying however mine has in.lbs on one side and Newton meters on the other, so there was no way i went 15ft.lbs. besides Id know one from the other by feel. I just backed it way down the scale, and gave it a go, still realizing there is room for more room for error that low. The reticle is nice and square now, so i hope im ok. I hung a plumb line about 30 yds away and leveled the crosshairs off of that. I havent made it to the range yet, but hopefully soon. Its perfect now, so I feel ok about it. Thanks.

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My AMG had to go back. Haven't had a chance to mount and take it back to the range yet. I don't have the same confidence level now. I may pick up a Mk 8 with h59, or a Sig Tango 6 optic with the dev-l, to replace it. Undecided.

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